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Friendship works in building advertising industry in Asia


AdAsia 2017

8 Nopember 2017, Bali.

Good morning
Salam sejahtera

Please let me take the honor of delivering Mr. Indra Abidin’s acceptance speech as the recipient of AFAA Hall of Fame Award.


Mr. Raymon So, Chairman Asian Federation of Advertising Association
Mr Srinivasan Swamy, Vice Chairman, Asian Federation of Advertising Association
Mr Harris Thayeb Chairman of Organizing Committee AdAsia
Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

It’s an honour for me to stand before you today. I see it as an appreciation for the whole organization of AFAA and it’s an appreciation for the whole Asian Advertising industry.

It has been a solid, exciting 40 years since AFAA was first established. We can all recall how Asian economy at that moment, which was very different from what we can see today. The standard of living was not as high as what we have now, and the relationship between Asian markets were far from developed, and not as opened as what we currently enjoy.

The developed countries started to come to Asia to penetrate Asian markets. We were there and witnessed a lot of issues in the market. There were a lot of clashes, conflicts, and misunderstandings. Some markets succeeded better, and some other face more problems.

We came together, sat together, stood together, and collaborated very well to stimulate and enrich the advertising industries in Asia. We established forums, summits, seminars, meetings, and gatherings to enable discussion and exchange of thoughts, expertise, and inspiration. Asian cultural heritage have always been very rich and diverse in our markets, and we shared that together in embracing the change.

And we made it.

Now we can see how robust our economies are, how quality of life has improved and how markets are becoming more prosperous. Advertising standards have also improved. And now we can experience high advertising standards in many Asian markets.

Our achievement has shown that friendship works, and becoming a family makes our hard work rich and fulfilling. We have been progressing as centers of growth, and we are still preserving our diverse and rich Asian cultural values.

We have been successful because of these values, and we need to keep on fostering these values. We are friends and family members of the big Asian family.

There will always be challenges,

We are now facing new types of challenges that nobody has ever seen before. Everything changes so quickly, as the market and consumers have become so dynamic.

It was our values that kept us strong together in the past, and it’s the same values of friendship, family, and partnership that will keep us strong now and in the future. Preserve the values, and don’t let the tsunamis keep us apart.

I call upon everyone, including the officers of the Federation, sponsors, and delegates to prevail, to PRESERVE our values and relevance. I call upon everyone to hold hands and help each other to grow, so that local companies can stand as tall as the multinationals, and become hosts of their own markets. I call upon everyone to be careful and stand together against modern day slavery.

Together we made it and together we will always make it.

Let us grow and learn together in increasing advertising standards for Asia, enriching the prosperity of Asian consumers. We are Asians, and proud to be Asians, a great contributors of growth in the global economy.

On behalf of Indra Abidin, Indira Abidin

My father sends his warmest regards to each and everyone of you. Advertising runs in his vein and you stay in his heart. You are not only friends, you are family members.

And as he has already set the example, now it is his wish for you to strengthen the bond of friendship and family. So that you can walk on the path that he has built for you, with pride, with dignity, within Asia, with the world.

On behalf of the family and Indonesia, I thank you,
Indira Abidin



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