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Kelly Elizabeth Stephens Scholarship for Indonesian students

 Image: Kelly Stephens from About Kelly Elizabeth Stephens

Dear friends,

In 1999 I received The Kelly Elizabeth Stephens Memorial Scholarship, a graduate scholarship for education dedicated to Indonesian students. I am what I am also because of this scholarship.

If you want to learn more about it, you can join us at this event:  

 Are you passionate about and committed to promoting education in Indonesia?  Join us for a sharing session in Getting a Graduate Scholarship for Education at Boston University. Friday, 22 May 2015, 16.00 – 18.00, @america, Pacific Place Mall 3rd floor, Jakarta. 

You will get information about The Kelly Elizabeth Stephens Memorial Scholarship dedicated for Indonesians who want to pursue graduate studies in education at Boston University. The Kelly Elizabeth Stephens Memorial Scholarship was established in 1995 by Dorothy and Robert Stephens, Kelly’s parents, to celebrate Kelly’s accomplishments and to encourage similar achievements in other School of Education students. Kelly was a teacher of English in Indonesia who was fatally injured in a volcanic eruption. Each year, part or all of the income from the permanently endowed fund is awarded to a deserving Indonesian graduate student on the basis not only of a commitment to teaching but also of financial need. 

Dorothy Stephens, the founder of the scholarship, and the alumni will also join us and share about the scholarship. The alumni will also conduct several mini workshops: 

  • a) Writing an Essay for the Scholarships
  • b) Teaching Gen Y
  • c) Teaching Math is Fun
  • d) Lesson Plans for All Curriculum

For more information on the scholarship session, check our fb page: The Kelly Elizabeth Stephens Memorial Scholarship

Be there!

More information: About Kelly Elizabeth Stephens


  1. Bagaimana saya bisa mendaftar beasiswa ini ya? apakah fully funded untuk semua baik akomodasi dan uang kuliah? ini degree nya apa ya? kebetulan saya baru saja lulus sarjana pendidikan di UNY, saya sangat tertarik untuk mengikuti beasiswa ini. Mohon bantuanya 🙂 terimakasih banyak


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