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Choose to be happy, it’s good for you

Choose to be happy. We have no reason to be unhappy after all He has given us in His universe. Image from Mbak Maya Muchtar

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When I studied in Boston, I often saw blind men and women in the T (Boston’s underground train) and I took that moment to thank Allah for His blessing of sight. One day, upon seeing a blind woman who stood near me at the T, a discussion came to my mind:

“So, Allah is unfair, blindness is really terrible. I really feel sorry for her.”
“Allah is always fair and just. When He takes something from someone, there’s always something else that He gives that He doesn’t give to the others.
“But blindness is always bad, unfortunate.”
“Remember Hellen Keller. She was a great person because she was blind. God gave her credibility that only blind people could have.”
“Hmm.. You are right. Hellen Keller inspired the world because she was blind. It was her blindness that made her the great person she was. Because she was blind she knew how difficult it was for blind people to learn something. Because she was blind she finally found a way to help other blind people.”
“Aha… Now you know, Allah is always fair and kind. There’s an opportunity opened everywhere for everyone. It’s the intention that matters. Everyone should be happy and thank Him. Even blindness is not a reason to be unhappy.”
“Eureka… There’s always an opportunity behind all calamities, opportunities that Allah only gives to those who are positive, patient and grateful. He always help those who are patient. Calamities are indeed gifts. We should always be happy, including when we have the biggest problems in the world. Allah is great, He is indeed The Most Loving, The Most Merciful.”

It was a eureka moment for me. I felt a lump in my throat as I watched the blind woman made her way out of the T. I believed Allah sent her to teach me a precious lesson. She made a difference that nobody else could. That moment changed my perspectives toward His trials He gave me at that time. My faith became very strong that Allah only gives the best for me. It made me feel powerful and fearless. What do I have to fear, when Allah’s near. So I made sure I was always close to Him, and started to wear hijab.

I felt the need to share this perspective and inspire others to always be happy. So when social media started to become popular, I felt my teaching soul had an outlet, a borderless world to share my views and thoughts. And I learned that sharing the happy feeling actually helped me to strengthen the power of happiness to face just anything Allah blessed me with, including cancer.

When I was diagnosed with cancer, I felt that Allah gave me a chance He gave to Hellen Keller. I suddenly felt credible to speak about Cancer. I was thrilled and excited. A door of adventure was suddenly opened. I had the same feeling like when I was admitted to The School Of Economics, University of Indonesia.

Yess. Indeed I was admitted to Allah’s School Of Cancer, I thought. It was very prestigious as not everyone could be admitted here. And as a Moslem I believed that I would be purified and elevated to a higher position by graduating from this school. Gratitude and patience would bring more blessings, as Allah loves people who are grateful and patient. Allah only gives trials to strong people, and I was trusted with cancer, one of the most difficult thing to handle. The diagnosis was like a letter from Allah to congratulate me because He trusted I was strong enough to face cancer with gratitude.

I was thrilled. I felt so special. I couldn’t thank Him enough. All praise to Allah, the Most Loving, The Most Merciful.

This mindset helped me a lot to face my cancer with optimism and faith. I read many new books, learnt about so many lessons, that I would have never learnt without my cancer. I increased my intensity to worship Him, filled my heart, mind and soul with His beautiful names.

He showed me a very convenient way to heal cancer. I wore an electrical jacket that killed my cancer cells, followed an alkaline diet, and managed my body-mind-soul balance. I focused more on my prayers and learned about its healing properties. I learned to let go and surrender.

Our blood is very sensitive. When we’re happy and positive, it becomes alkaline. When we’re sad, down, fearful and feel hopeless it becomes very acidic and damaging to our body system. By default Allah creates human body to thrive with gratitude, patience and happiness. That’s why He always said in Quran that we should seek help through patience and shallah (prayers).

And now I am almost there… Stage Zero. I still have 2% to go, so I am very close to stage zero.

As I look back, I found my journey in facing cancer as a happy, adventurous one. It’s full of new discoveries, exciting new lessons, and opportunities to help others. Someone told me that there’s a cancer patient who almost lost hopes and suicide when chemo and radiation didn’t help to heal her cancer. She then read my blog, cancelled her suicide plan and went for other kinds of treatment. She went to Mecca for a pilgrimage trip (Umrah) and not long afterward she passed away peacefully. May Allah bless her soul. Sharing happiness is powerful. It helped her to be closer to Allah and sought for His help. It actually helped to cancel a suicide plan.

I think it’s the positive mindset that helped me to heal and be fearless to choose the road less traveled, where I managed to smell every flower I passed, smiled to everyone I met and helped them when they need it.

So my dearest friends, always choose to be happy, I’m a living proof that it’s good for your health.

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