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Happy birthday, Didi – Surat cinta Ibu 3

I wish for you to be always surrounded
by curly ribbons…
fluffy skirts…
glittering tiaras…
and pink Hello Kitty bags…
watches that light all up…
and transparent heeled sandals
with colorful cotton balls inside…

I wish for you to be always cherished
by loving siblings, loving cousins
understanding uncles, aunties
and wise inspiring grandparents…
by warm-hearted close friends
who hold your hands tight,
tranquil smiles on their faces…
by crazy fun-loving playmates
who stomp their feet
and waggle their hips
in rythm of loud music…

Until the time comes for you to grow up
At that time I wish you
a strong character to face the world,
unshakable motivation to survive,
willingness to work hard,
ability to bounce back from a fall,
wisdom to differentiate right from wrong,
a kindhearted spirit
and God’s blessing along the way…

At that time you’ll get to know
that life is not easy
with a few bumps here and there
But let that not discourage you!
For I will always be there
in person or only in spirit
for all my three children:
Allow me to inspire you all,
and motivate you all,
with unconditional never-ending ♥
You all will be fine,
I’ve always believed.
Insya Allah.

Happy Birthday, Didi!
With ♥ for all my three angels.
Live your lives well.

Jakarta, 22 Des ’10

Dhira Juzar

This one really touched my heart. I hope it touches yours too, dearest moms…

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